Golau LED | LED Touch Control Light for Porcelain Dome

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Golau LED, y maint perffaith i oleuo cromen borslen. Caiff ei droi ymlaen ac i ffwrdd gyda chyffyrddiad.

Dewis amgen i gannwyll i oleuo'ch cromen borslen, gan greu golau llachar cynnes. Yn ddelfrydol os nad ydych yn hoff o ddefnyddio canhwyllau go iawn.


LED Touch Control Light, the perfect size for lithophane dome tealight holder.

An alternative choice to a tealight candle, creating a warm bright light for your lithophane porcelain dome. Ideal if you prefer not to use a real candle.

3.1 inches (8 cm) in diameter.

Safe and easy to use with touch control on/off. Requires 3 x AA batteries, not included.

Lithophane Dome sold separately.

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