Ffyn Arogldarth | Incense Sticks - Rhubarb & Ginger

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Deg ffon arogldarth mewn jar wydr hardd. Wrth iddynt losgi mae'r arogldarth yn rhyddhau ei bersawr yn araf, gan drwytho'r awyrgylch gyda thawelwch.

Ten Rhubarb & Ginger fragranced incense sticks in a beautiful tall glass jar. As they burn the incense subtly releases its perfume, imbuing the atmosphere with serenity. Each stick will burn for approximately 1 hour.
Incense sticks have been around for centuries, and scientists have recently discovered their amazing healing benefits. Not only are they great for relaxation and calming the mind, but research has also found them to be extremely effective in stimulating your sensory receptors.
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