Cylch Goriad Roka | ROKA Portland Keyring - Alloy

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Eitem mwyaf newydd Roka - y cylch goriad ffab! Aiff gyda'ch hoff fag Roka.

Wedi'i wneud gan ddefnyddio holl hoff ddeunyddiau Roka, mae'r cylch goriad bach hwn mor gadarn a dibynadwy â bagiau cefn Roka!



Colour is Key.

The Portland Keychain is the newest ROKA accessory!

Pair it with all your favourite bags to match your ROKA bag or backpack!

Toss your keys on this colourful keychain and you'll never go looking for them again! Made using all your favourite ROKA materials, this little accessory is as sturdy and dependable as our backpacks!

What’s what?

Roka take pride in their brand and products. Here’s a look at what this accessory is truly made of:

Hardware: galvanised, smoked, branded metal
Straps: cotton webbing

All Roka products are vegan.




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