Ymbarél Enfys Roka | ROKA Waterloo Umbrella - Rainbow (Sustainable Nylon)

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Ychwanegiad newydd i gyfres o ategolion gwych Roka. Mae'r Ymbarél Enfys  yma yn drawiadol ac yn ymarferol ac wedi eu gwneud o ffabric cynaliadwy. Mae'n yn gryf ac yn ysgafn, ymarferol a chwaethus.

Rain or Shine... Roka Have You Covered!

Ideal for those rainy or blustery days, the extra strong sustainable nylon canopy features a frame to withstand the toughest rain and wind, or shield you from the sun. The rubberised handle gives you that extra grip so that the Waterloo never leaves you!

Lightweight and windproof, our umbrella will keep you safe, dry and shield you from the sun. They are stylish, make a statement and are easy to carry!

Size Matters
Open: 92cm wide x 52cm high
Closed: 30cm x 5cm

What’s what?
Canopy and pouch material: weather-resistant recycled nylon (triple coated) dual laters with air vents. Pouch with velcro closing Hardware: Black metal shaft and frame with resin and fibreglass ribs

Take care
ROKA umbrellas are washable, and a simple clean with a wet sponge usually does the job. The materials used are designed to be durable and weather resistant and the straps will become softer and more comfortable with use.

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