Set Olewau Hanfodol Aromatherapi | Aromtherapy Essential Oils Set

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Mae'r Set Olewau Hanfodol Aromatherapi hwn yn anrheg anhygoel ar gyfer y cartref a'r meddwl. Mae'r bocs yn cynnwys 12 olew hanfodol (5ml yr un) a 2 chwistrellwr. Mae'r set olewau hanfodol yn cyfuno amrywiaeth o arogleuon blodau, mintys, daearol, sbeislyd a llysieuol.

This Aromatherapy Essential Oils Set is an amazing gift for home and mind. This set contains 12 essential oils (5ml each) and 2 droppers.  The essential oils gift set combine a variety of floral, minty, woody, spicy and herbal scents. 

-100% Pure


-Vegan Friendly

-Cruelty Free

What is in the box?

- 5ml Ylang III Essential Oil  (origin: Comoros) 

- 5ml Lemon Essential Oil  (origin: Italy) 

- 5ml Tea Tree Essential Oil  (origin: Australia) 

- 5ml Lemongrass Essential Oil  (origin: India)

- 5ml Eucalyptus Essential Oil  (origin: China) 

- 5ml Lavender Essential Oil  (origin: France) 

- 5ml Rosemary Essential Oil  (origin: Spain)

- 5ml Bergamot Essential Oil  (origin: Italy)

- 5ml Citronella Essential Oil   (origin: Vietnam)

- 5ml Orange Essential Oil   (origin: Brazil)

- 5ml Patchouli Essential Oil   (origin: Indonesia)

- 5ml Sandalwood Amayris  (origin: Haiti)

- 2x droppers

Bottled and packed in Sheffield (UK)

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