Clustdlysau Porslen ag Aur | Porcelain Gold Dipped Hoop Earrings

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Clustdlysau porslen gwyn gyda manylion arur ar glustdlysau cylch arian 15mm wedi haenellu ag aur, wedi eu pecynnu mewn potel wydr fechan dlws. Gemwaith syml a chain sy'n gweddu i unrhyw achlysur. 

These pretty porcelain gold dipped drop hoop earrings are handmade in Britain and come packaged in a unique glass gift bottle.

The porcelain drops are made via an intricate process where clay is coloured, crafted, fired and glazed, before adding the final gold design. Real gold lustre is added to the surface of before the final firing. This seals the lustre into the glaze creating an elegant, durable piece of jewellery. Due to the nature of the clay, each pair of earrings are unique in form and size.

The white porcelain circle shaped drops are approximately 10mm with gold dipped design on 15mm 14k filled gold hoops.

Presented in a lovely glass bottle with cork lid.

These earrings have a necklace to match.

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